My Link Directory

directoryIn the years preceding the birth of Google, web directories were the primary source of information on the internet. If you know the history of Yahoo, then you’ll agree on this. But years down the line, people went mental, and things got out of hand as site owners spammed directories, paying attention to neither quality nor relevance leading to the devaluing of links by the major search engines. But all is not lost.

My Link Directory is a free multi-niche link directory. With the strict guidelines for good SEO practice, link banks with an automated approval of the submitted links have fallen out of favor, but this directory has human editors who make sure that the accepted submissions are not only of quality, but also useful to its users.

While the use of link directories remains questionable in SEO, they still play a critical role in website ranking. My Link Directory seems to understand this, and no wonder it is heavily moderated, with every submission request undergoing a strict surgical process.

Since the link bank contains links from various niches, the links are organized in a chronological order. Different niches have groups and subgroups. Be it business or sports you are interested in, whether it is traveling or news sites are what you are looking for, at this link bank, virtually all your needs will be addressed under one roof.

One thing, though, it may disappoint you to know, there’s no any adult, pharmaceutical or narcotic content listed in the link bank. The directory remains a family-friendly resource center that does not contain any questionable material.

If you are one of the site owners who are still unsure about listing your site on a directory because of an opinion you had about this site marketing tool, My Link Directory gives you a reason to think otherwise.