Will Link Directory Follow Article Directory to the Grave?

website-linksMany of those who have been in the SEO industry for over a decade now might remember the days you could just get a written piece from a directory, either free or you pay for it, and use it on your website. Or you could write an article and had it spin several times and post it to as many sites as you could, hoping that some would use them and link back to your site.

The practice, though useful back then, led to the recycling of content all over the web. So Google dished out penalties for using materials that are already published elsewhere on the internet. As a result, writing articles and publishing them on article directories are no longer an effective way to increase traffic to your site, and gone with it is the value of the article directories.

The latest best SEO practice recommends natural links, those that are earned through sites and pages that want to link their pages to your work. Therefore, these links are not influenced by any particular SEO action, save for their quality and the popularity of the content.

A manipulative link is classified as by Googleplex. Google discourages manufactured links, but it is its algorithm that is yet to get it right.

Many SEO specialists and marketers exploit the Google’s algorithm’s inability to contain the situation to create unnatural links to their sites, which manipulates how Google and other search engines’ ranking abilities.

Like in the case of link directories, you need to submit your website for a listing with the hope of getting high traffic in return. While the search engine still accepts links from popular link directories, it remains to be a gray area. Soon enough, such practices would belong to the “black hat” practice of link building. And like article directories, link directories would be discontinued for good.